Praying for the world

Week 25, 2022

Displaced people

68.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes worldwide:

  • 40 million have fled somewhere else in their own country

  • 25.4 million have left their country as refugees

  • 3.1 million are seeking asylum and argue they can never return home.

Of the 25 million who have left their homeland, around two-thirds have come from just five countries: South Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Myanmar and Somalia. Peace and good government in these lands would solve most of the global refugee crisis.

85% of the world’s displaced people are hosted in developing countries. The top refugee-hosting countries - and rarely praised by the global community for this - are Turkey, Uganda, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran. In Lebanon, one in six of the population is a refugee.

Migrant flows today are nothing unusual in historical terms. Their numbers, as a proportion of the world, have not changed much half a century.

  • Pray for protection of the lives and dignity of all those who leave their homes as migrants or refugees. The path they take is blighted by exploitation, illegal border crossings, rape, torture, imprisonment; this in a world of modern nation-states.

  • The presence of large numbers of migrants usually creates tensions and strains in receiving countries; pray for a balance between compassionate care for local people in need as well as refugees.

  • Fair sharing between nations would ease the pressure on receiving countries. International cooperation could relieve great evil; pray for justice!

  • The Christian faith has often taken root among refugees and in refugee camps. Pray for all who seek to serve refugees in Christ’s name. Pray that Christ will build his Church among those who have lost everything, turning ashes into beauty.

The Nations


India, population 1.3 billion, dwarfs every country of the world except China. It is the most ethnically diverse nation on earth with over 2,500 people groups, 22 official languages, and thousands of castes. It is home to most of the world’s Hindus, while also hosting the second-largest Muslim population in the world, and a small proportion of Christians. It is a secular state, and the world’s largest democracy, and proudly maintains traditions of free speech and freedom of religion.

India has lifted millions of people out of extreme poverty in recent years, yet no country has greater human need, and its slightly larger rival China has moved much faster and further.

None of the northern states of India, each of which could be a giant country in its own right, are more than 1% Christian. They are also human mosaics of religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity. The Church has a commission to bring the gospel to every network of people and to every person; North India is a greater challenge for the Church than anywhere else on Earth.

  • India’s freedoms are being tested by Hindu nationalism. While the main target of the nationalists is often the Muslim community, Christians too face discrimination, persecution and (in some states) anti-conversion laws. Pray that India’s proud traditions of tolerance and freedom will continue and strengthen.

  • India’s Christian Church has seen as many as 100,000 people sent all across India to communicate the gospel, start churches, and work to relieve suffering and injustice. The result has been tens of thousands of new congregations across India. Pray that this amazing missionary movement will transform India through Christ.

Praying for the World is a free weekly prayer guide to inspire and inform the whole church to pray for the whole world. Visit to start any week. Created through the partnership of Operation World and the Lausanne Movement.

Praying for the world

Week 26, 2022


The idea of Buddhism—and Hinduism—as a ‘religion’ is at least partly an invention of early Western explorers and missionaries. Only later was the concept taken up by Buddhists themselves. Almost everywhere Buddhism appears (mostly south-east and east Asia) Buddhist ideas are woven into a much wider tapestry of belief, ritual, filial piety and morality. This tapestry will often include rituals involving other gods, the ancestors, and often the occult.

A few things are worth noting for prayer

  1. Relatively few people have turned to Christ from active Buddhist practice despite centuries of Christian witness.

  2. The main exception to this rule is countries where existing beliefs have first been suppressed by communism or war: Cambodia, China, Laos, Mongolia, South Korea and Vietnam, for example, all have growing churches or substantial Christian populations.

  3. Yet churches are being planted among Buddhists, and there are recurring reports of Buddhist monks studying the New Testament and meeting Christ.

  4. Though Buddhism is hailed as a religion of tolerance, militant versions of it are appearing just as similar radicalism has developed within Islam, the Hindu world, and Christianity.

  5. Buddhist ideas such as mindfulness, some types of meditation, and Buddhist statues, are being adopted around the world.

Pray for:

  • The remaining Buddhist peoples of the world to encounter Jesus Christ, who is ‘desired by all nations’ (Haggai 2:7). May the Buddhist nations of the world experience this desire!

  • God to raise up church-planters, scholars and study-centres that can learn and teach fresh Christian approaches to the 540 million members of the Buddhist world.

The Nations


India’s Church is ancient, dating back (traditionally) to the Apostle Thomas. It is strongest in the south of India and in the northeast. While many of South India’s Christians have a relatively high social standing, most of the rest are from the poorest parts of society, and this affects how Christians are perceived and treated in the nation. India’s Church includes Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Independent Christians, plus an unknown number who trust and follow Jesus but remain culturally identified as Hindus.

Christian growth is a reality. Nearly all of it due to the faithful witness of indigenous believers sharing the good news village by village and town by town. India’s 600,000 villages contain nearly 2/3rds of its population.

Churches struggle to keep up with the needs of people open to Christian ministry. Also, the scale of the Christian movement, its informality, and the way that many people stay within traditional religious frameworks after meeting Jesus, means Indian Christianity is very hard to measure or comprehend.

Indian Christianity is better at travelling within cultural networks better than across them. This is a challenge: taking the gospel across cultures means learning new languages, cultures, and ways of working, and demands patience and faith. And India is home to thousands of unreached groups; India’s unreached are a large percentage of the world’s unreached.

  • Pray for the church to persevere with love, forgiveness, and joy in the midst of intensifying persecution.

  • Pray for the Church to multiply, village by village, and town by town.

  • Praise God for the way that Indian missionaries are starting to cross cultures to bring the gospel to unreached groups. India has more national missionaries than any other nation.

  • Pray for a great turning to Christ also in India’s urban areas. First-generation urbanites are often receptive to evangelical and Pentecostal expressions of the Christian faith. Pray the opportunity offered by India’s urbanization won’t be missed.

Praying for the World is a free weekly prayer guide to inspire and inform the whole church to pray for the whole world. Visit to start any week. Created through the partnership of Operation World and the Lausanne Movement.

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